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Why outsource your processing to Broker’s Choice Processing LLC?

Loan processing is our primary business and Broker’s Choice Processing LLC. is designed around the workflow of processing, not sales. We will never solicit your clients. You will avoid the expense & frustration of hiring, training, firing, & re-training in-house processors. You will free up expensive office space for marketing and originating and will find contract loan processing helps to dramatically streamline your business.


What technology do you use and how safe is your data?

We use Calyx PointDropbox ProAdobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Our Dropbox Pro account also has 256-bit AES encryption at rest and SSL/TLS in transit. We keep a paperless office, and submit all documents to lenders, brokers, etc., using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, all stored securely on Dropbox Pro. We work closely with our lenders to make sure we use the best available option in terms of security. We assign our MLOs their own Dropbox file to keep a copy of the compliance file (stacking order) once their first loan is funded.  MLOs will maintain access to their assigned Dropbox files if they have activity with us during a calendar year; we reserve the right to remove the file after one year of inactivity. MLOs will also be assigned a secure Dropbox file for their uploads such as documents obtained during the pre-qualification phase of the loan.  


How do I e-mail my Point files to you?


If you use MS Outlook or Outlook Express:

From the File menu in any Prospect or Borrower file, click on E-Mail.

Select Point Data File.

Enter a password to encrypt the file.

Select "Send to".

Input "" as the email address.

Enter the borrower's last name in the Subject line, add any additional message that you may wish to include. Then just click the "Send" button.


If you use a web-based email (yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.):

Open your email account and go to the area where you create a new email message.

Locate the "attach a file" button (or something similar).

Search for the file you wish to attach. It should be located in this directory on your computer: c:/pntdata/borrower/

Click on the file to attach it to your email.

Send to ""

Enter the borrower's last name in the Subject line.

Add any additional message that you may need to include.

Then just click the "Send" button.


Feel free to contact us to go over the procedure if you are unsure of the process.


What is needed to start the loan process?

  1. Complete Loan Submission and Business Contacts Form (found on our Forms Page)
  2. Point file with 1003 (Point Data File with a fully completed 1003 & fees worksheet)
  3. Anti-Steering Form and Rate sheets 
  4. Initial Credit Report
  5. Title/Closing Agent Closing Disclosure
  6. Documents used to pre-qualify the borrower (paystubs, bank statements, tax returns, etc.). 
  7. Clear and legible copies of the Borrower & Co-Borrower IDs
  8. Purchase contract and addenda (if applicable)

*Your loan submission is not considered complete until all items listed above are received. Once your loan submission is complete, kindly notify your processor, who will evaluate the submission and either accept it or reject it within 24 hours or 1 business day.  We reserve the right to reject submissions that are incomplete, or that do not meet our quality standards.


 What are is the MLO responsible for?

  1. Pre-qualifying the borrower and running initial credit report.
  2. Providing a complete submission package or contacting processing if this is not feasible.
  3. Reviewing and approving the Loan Estimate before it is submitted to the borrowers.
  4. Locking the rate of the loan.
  5. Helping or intervening if any issues arise with the file.


What are your normal turn times?

Once we receive a complete loan file our goal is to have it reviewed and contact made with you and your borrower within 24 hours of review. We pride ourselves on thorough reviews as to avoid constant resubmissions to U/W. Once we have all the documentation needed for submission to the lender of your choice the loan will be submitted and an email update will be sent to all parties you designate for updates.


Can you request approval as a third-party processor at my brokerage firm?

Absolutely!  Please refer us to your brokerage firm and we will submit all requirements to be an approved third-party processor for your brokerage firm.  We will bring immense value to your firm and love to be able to contribute to your firm's growth and success.  We believe a third-party processing relationship is a win / win relationship for all parties involved.


Why don't you prepare the ASF for MLOs?

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Regulation Z, is in place to protect the interest of consumers, prohibiting MLOs from "steering", influencing, advising, counseling or directing their clients to accept the terms offered by a lender that might offer the MLO greater compensation, unless the actual loan is in the best interest of the borrower. By the time we receive the loan to be processed, a lender has already been chosen, therefore, we require our MLOs to provide the Anti- Steering Form already filled out, as well as the lender's rate sheets for the corresponding day. 


Do you have E-sign capabilities?

Yes, we do! We offer unlimited Adobe e-sign for all our loans. We will collect electronic signatures on initial disclosures, LOEs, lender conditions, etc. with our Adobe Pro account.  No need for you to keep paying subscription fees to electronic signature providers, we now provide this service for you at no additional cost. This service is extremely convenient, especially when you have borrowers that do not have access to a scanner or fax.


How often do you contact the borrower or borrowers?

Normally a file is initially reviewed within 24 hours of receiving it. As you know, the processing time for a file depends on many factors including the type of loan, how complete the file is when submitted to us, how quick the title companies and appraisers are, how cooperative your borrowers are, etc. Taking this into consideration, it is in everyone's best interest for us to complete the process as quickly as possible. We will continue to review your loan file every other business day depending on pipeline size and estimated closing date until closing. Rush files are reviewed more frequently due to the nature of the rush. At each review, we will send email updates to you, your borrower(s) and all third parties you or the borrower(s) designate. Ultimately, we will contact your borrower as frequently or infrequently as you or they desire.


How will we represent themselves when contacting your borrower(s)?

All correspondence from us will indicate that we are the processing center for __"Your"__ Mortgage Co.


How does Broker’s Choice Processing LLC get paid?

We send an invoice to the title/closing agent. Our fee is added to the CD as the processing fee and we are paid from escrow like any other 3rd party charge.


What about compliance?

Ultimately, compliance is the broker's responsibility. However, we will assist you to help make sure all issues are covered.


What are your fees?

Please see our pricing page.


How do I get started with Broker’s Choice Processing LLC?

Simply complete a loan processing agreement and email it to us at  There is no waiting period so we can get started as soon as your files arrive to us. You may send them to us via fax, secure e-mail, or link.